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.NET Obfuscator

.NET Obfuscator is used to protect the .net code project for developers. This .net obfuscation tool can offer the best quality of version to protect the .net application in personal using and commercial purpose.

Our .NET Obfuscate can be download from this website free, developers can use this .net obfucator for three months free license. This .net obfucator can protect their .net application in three ways: for name obfuscation, for string encryption and control flow obfuscation. For the techniques of obfuscation in name, it's for private and public members name obfuscation.

Developers can use this Obfuscator for .NET scrambles names of classes, variables, methods and other assembly members. For string encryption, developers can use this .net obfuscator to encrypt their string, this protect the .net application from hacker's breaking. For control flow obfuscation, developers can use this tool to stop decompilers from functioning correctly, also can stop deobfuscators.

Our Control Flow .NET Obfuscation now is including the insertion of additional instructions. With those high quality techniques developers can protect their .net application project very well. And download this high quality .net obfuscator from this website right now, we will provide free after sale service.

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