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     Java Barcode  
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ASP.NET Barcode

We also develop best document image sdk and control for: ASP.NET/HTML5 Document Viewer, ASP.NET MVC Document Viewer, ASP.NET PDF Viewer, ASP.NET MVC PDF Viewer, ASP.NET PDF Editor.

We develop the best free barcode component and library with free demo source code, including: Barcode Generator for .NET, Barcode Generator for ASP.NET, Barcode Generator for C#, Barcode Generator for VB.NET, QR Code Generator for .NET, QR Code Generator for ASP.NET, QR Code Generator for C#, Barcode Generator for Excel 2016/2013/2010/2007.

ASP.NET Barcode Generator is a full-featured barcode generation web component to generate linear and 2d barcodes on various .NET development solutions, without installing any 3rd party barcode fonts.

ASP.NET Barcode Generator version: 3.0 (Sep 11, 2009)

ASP.NET Barcode Supporting .NET Development Environment:
.NET Classes (C#,
.NET Web/Server Side (ASP.NET aspx web pages)
.NET Reporting ( Barcoding in Crystal Reports for .NET, Barcoding in Reporting Service in ASP.NET)

.NET Barcode Generator Supported Barcode Types

ASP.NET Barcode Generator Main Features:

  • Easy to integrate into various .NET projects, Client side,, c#,, Server side
  • Fast development, no need to know much knowledge of barcode standards
  • Enable barcode orientation settings to 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees.
  • Enable barcode image size settings, including barcode image margins, paddings, width and height
  • Enable barcode font style settings, like font size, font color, font name.
  • Integrated into barcoding in Reporting Service 2005
  • Integrated into barcoding in Reporting Service 2008
  • Integrated into barcoding in Oracle Reports
  • Integrated into barcoding in Crystal Reports for .NET

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